Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

By: Dr. Christine Cho ND

Everyone loves the holidays—the snow, the gifts, seeing friends and family, and most of all, the FOOD!  We all allow ourselves to indulge over the holidays and then figure we’ll deal with it in the new year, because that’s what new year’s resolutions are for, right?   Well, here are some tips to help you avoid gaining that “holiday weight” while not feeling deprived!

  1. Avoid holiday drink specials!  This time of year means holiday drink specials at various coffee shops—who can resist a white hot chocolate or a limited time pumpkin spice latte?  Instead of the usual coffee or tea, many people fall into the trap of ordering high calorie, sugar-laden drinks regularly.  What does that look like in calories?   A 12oz cup of coffee (small, black) is about 10 calories.  A 12oz gingerbread latte is about 260 calories.  With a latte everyday, you’re looking at gaining a full pound in less than 2 weeks from just that 1 extra drink!  That means you could gain about 3 pounds in 1 month.
  2. Keep the goodies out of your home and desk.  Let others stock up on Lindt truffles, Toblerone bars, and all the other cookies and chocolates.  Instead of keeping them available at your home or desk all day long, set a weekly limit for yourself.
  3. Keep healthy snacks around.  Just because it’s the holidays it doesn’t mean you have to abandon all your healthy habits!  You’re still allowed to eat vegetables and hummus, fruit, and almonds that aren’t covered in chocolate.
  4. Grab smaller plates at holiday parties.  At buffet style parties, our eyes are always bigger than our stomachs.  Grab a smaller plate, have some salad or veggies and dip first to fill you up, and then take a small portion of the treats.
  5. Keep up the physical activity.  In order to offset the extra calories, keep working out, doing yoga, swimming, etc.  Don’t tell yourself that you’ll “pick it up again” in the new year!  Not in a regular routine?  Now might be the time to start!  There are lots of fitness places with holiday specials that you can take advantage of.

Happy holidays!


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