Back Pack Safety Tips

By: Shairoz Lalani RMT

With back to school here we thought we would share some tips to ensure your child is using the right back pack.  Backpacks are essential for children to carry books and supplies to and from school.  However, it is important that they are used correctly.  If used incorrectly they can lead to poor posture and back problems. Backpacks are designed to distribute the weight load evenly on the back.  Here are some features to look for in choosing the ideal pack for your child:
1)  Choose a light weight fabric.  You don’t want the empty pack to be too heavy, before you even put anything into it.
2)  The pack should be size appropriate for the child.  Your six year old needs a smaller pack than your fifteen year old.
3)  Choose a pack with wide, padded, and adjustable shoulder straps for extra comfort.  You don’t want the straps cutting into the shoulders.
4)  The pack should be worn across both shoulders to balance the weight.  A lot of people tend to carry the pack only on one shoulder, causing an imbalance on the body.
5)  The pack should be secured fairly snugly to the back.  A pack that is too loose will cause extra strain on the muscles.  Place heavier items, such as textbooks, closer to the child’s back.
6)  Remove unnecessary items.  Only carry the items that are required, to lighten the load.
A backpack, when chosen and used correctly, is a safe and great option for students.

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