Beating the Back to School Blues

Back to school can be such an exciting time if you take the time to prepare your child, and to start routines prior to the first day of school, but even if you don’t, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are some tips for a successful transition:


1. Back to school SWAG! – As a parent, the thought of the trip to buy supplies can throw us into a tizzy, but if you plan ahead by reviewing flyers with your child, creating a list before you hit the store, and setting limits, it can be a breeze. This is also a chance for you to talk about all that is great about school.


 2. Review the Routine – Try a dress rehearsal and run through exactly what getting ready for school looks like; right from the night before preparations, wake up, carpool or walking route; to coming home and having down time, snacks and homework.


3. You’re not alone – Remind them that this is normal and everybody feels a little bit nervous about new teachers and friends, but it will soon seem like they have been there forever.


4. Adequate Sleep  – Ideally if your summer routine means later nights, you’ll want to have already started getting back to an earlier bedtime. Adequate sleep and a proper bed time routine is imperative for reducing stress and successfully getting through a school day. If your child is really struggling, you may want to consider using something like Rescue Remedy or perhaps some magnesium.


5. Proper Nutrition – Eating a healthy, balanced diet comprised of all three macronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates and fats – is important for brain function, mood and the ability to focus and pay attention in school. Have your child participate in choosing their healthy lunches. Breakfast is non-negotiable!!


6. Be home when they arrive, if you can – Mom or dad is always best, but be sure someone can be home when they arrive home, or have their caregiver give you the heads up that they are home, and connect by phone or FaceTime.


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