Easeful Birth Package

easeful.birth.finalWe have partnered with the amazing yoga studio, Balanced Life Yoga, in Ajax to create the perfect “easy birth” package for you.

Sign up for our Pre-birth acupuncture treatments and consider adding any of Balanced Life Prenatal Yoga classes.

What is pre-birth acupuncture and why is it so effective?

Pre-birth acupuncture is offered routinely by our naturopathic doctors and is designed to help prepare a women’s body for childbirth.  Pre-birth acupuncture has been clinically shown to decrease the duration of labor, to soften the cervix, to reduce medical interventions, to help ensure the baby is in the most efficient position for labor and it can also relieve any anxiety that might be present. Pre-birth acupuncture does not induce labor and will not stimulate labor, but rather helps to prepare the body for an efficient labor and delivery.

Pre-birth acupuncture consists of five weekly acupuncture treatments starting at 36 weeks ending at 40 weeks. Treatments are preformed in a softly lit room, with relaxing music and women are encouraged to relax with the acupuncture needles in place for about 30 minutes.

The combination of pre-birth acupuncture and Pre-natal Yoga at Balanced Life Yoga is a very effective strategy and way to prepare your body for your baby’s arrival.   

An insurance receipt for the cost of all naturopathic acupuncture sessions will be given from us at the time of your appointment.

Please note:  All Yoga classes take place at Balanced Life Yoga, 274 Mackenzie Avenue in Ajax, ON. www.balancedlifeyoga.ca and all pre-birth acupuncture sessions take place in our clinic.


  • 6-sessions of Prenatal Yoga and Pre-birth Acupuncture (5 sessions) = $485.57 including HST
  • 12 sessions of Prenatal Yoga (2 x/week) and Pre-birth Acupuncture (5 sessions) = $565.80 including HST

 Next Step – Register with Us Today!  

Register for your Easeful Birth Package at Durham Natural Health Centre and we will alert Balanced Life Yoga to your registration and they will contact you to select your Prenatal Yoga class(es).  We will make it easy and simple to experience an amazing pregnancy!