Is Massage Good for My Baby?

Have a baby in the house?  Ask any parent and they’ll say their three biggest worries or wishes for their baby are: good sleep, good eating/healthy digestion and an overall healthy baby.  Unknown to many, massage can be a great way to help achieve all three!

With the ability to fix most problems, a great sleep is vital for everyone in the house, especially in a house with a new baby. Trouble falling asleep or a disrupted sleep can wreak havoc on a wee one, but the calming effects of a massage given by confident, loving hands can help babies have a longer, deeper sleep. Massage, even a short one, increases your baby’s circulation, providing them with an effective little workout. This workout helps expend some of your baby’s energy while stimulating the part of their nervous system in charge of resting and digesting.

Problems with digestion can plague anyone. While most babies have no issues with digestion when they are newborns, many experience constipation once solids are introduced. Even children of the most proactive parents can get constipated from time to time. Once any issues in diet have been ruled out, certain massage techniques along with the supervised use of heat can greatly assist in moving any hardened stool along your child’s large intestine. Including massage techniques in your child’s daily routine can help keep their bowel movements regular.

When it comes to a “regular” massage for infants, all that really matters is your intention. If you massage with gentle, loving hands, you should be just fine.  If you feel unsure on how to give a massage, some community organizations offer lessons on how to give infant massage or you can always come into the clinic for a shortened appointment and I will happily demonstrate a massage on your baby as well as provide tips and answer any questions you have.  I also have some clients under the age of one that I see on a regular basis.

When it comes to more treatment based massage, ie. when you’re dealing with a particular issue like constipation, its best to go to a clinic and have a registered massage therapist demonstrate what a particular massage or technique looks like. All or most information is usually delivered in one short appointment but depending on the issue, can include a treatment plan consisting of several scheduled visits.

Every parent wants a happy, healthy child. Infants need lots of sleep, healthy foods and loving touch. Massaging your baby can be a great workout increasing their circulation, appetite as well as helping them towards a longer, deeper sleep.  Including massage in your everyday routine is an amazing way to strengthen the bond you are already developing with your baby or can be a nice way for other family members to engage with them.   As mentioned, intention and gentle touch will be an easy way to bring you and your baby closer and happier.

Have fun!



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