Henry Claflin R.Ac, R.TCMP

Registered Acupuncturist and TCM Practitioner

Henry is a registered acupuncturist and TCM practitioner with a focus on pain, stress and internal medicine, including fertility, digestive health and insomnia.

With a holistic approach to acupuncture, Henry draws on a wide range of tools and techniques to support you exactly where you are at in this moment. Each session is a conversation to gently return your body and mind to harmony with the physical and emotional environments that you move through every day. This harmony becomes evident over the course of treatment as your health improves and your symptoms fade.

Henry is passionate about preventative medicine. He loves to share the health practices of ancient China’s yangsheng “Nourishing Life” traditions, including cultivation of the mind, how to eat and what to eat, adapting to seasonal changes, and the many tiny things in daily life that affect our wellbeing. Henry is a student and teacher of Taiji Quan (Tai Chi), a meditative martial art with profound benefits for physical, mental and emotional health.

Henry graduated from a 3,600-hour diploma program in Eastern Medicine at the Institute of Traditional Medicine. The program included extensive training in acupuncture, herbal medicine, tui na massage, nutrition, and biomedical sciences. After graduating, he interned in integrative cancer care and reproductive health clinics in Toronto, before heading to China for a year-long advanced clinical training. Henry was deeply fortunate to study with the world-renowned acupuncturist Dr. Wang Ju-yi and to intern with his senior apprentices, from whom he learned an exceptional system of diagnosis and treatment rooted in two thousand years of clinical experience. Henry returned to Ontario to enter private practice and to continue to deepen his understanding of the rich medical tradition of ancient China.

To learn more about Henry and his take on health and health care, you can visit his website at https://henryclaflin.com.