Karen Gallagher

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

I have been on my own personal health journey and mission for 26 years and counting…and have spent most of my life researching, studying and certifying myself as an expert in the area of holistic nutrition, health, exercise and mind-body well-being.

As a registered nutritionist, former national level figure skater, holistic lifestyle and fitness expert, I bring a unique blend of experience gained working in the health industry for over 25 years. My holistic health coaching offers an individualized process to help you FEEL your best from the inside out. I provide coaching tools and assist with strategies to promote self-discovery and the exploration of different perspectives to help inspire you to reach your health and wellness goals. I have had great success with my clients by taking a holistic approach to health. I believe every individual requires support, knowledge and compassion to achieve great health and wellness.

Even as a competitive athlete, I struggled with my relationship with food, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, joint pain and an underactive thyroid. I spent years, and hundreds of dollars investing in my own health trying to find the answers and I realized that maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle had nothing to do with a specific diet and exercise program. Instead, it was the holistic approach that allows me to live in a body that I feel my best and a lifestyle that is sustainable. I embarked on my own mental and physical transformation which I now teach to women of all walks of life!

After leaving University and knowing that my calling was in the health and fitness industry I went on to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Holistic Nutritionist, Registered Holistic Health Coach, Certified Culinary Nutritionist, STOTT Pilates trained instructor, Spin Instructor, Power Skating Coach, Reiki Practitioner, NCCP Level One Figure Skating Coach and more certifications than I can even remember!
Over the years in my holistic health coaching practice I have helped thousands of people achieve incredible results. I offer an individualized process that not only focusses on stress reduced fat loss, as well the health issues that the majority of people struggle with such as; the ability to lose weight no matter how hard they tried, yo-yo dieting, decreased energy, poor quality sleep, joint pain, inflammation, PMS and menopause symptoms, digestive issues, migraines and brain fog.

I have learned that the ultimate cause of gaining body fat and the health issues that many people experience was STRESS. But stress not limited to difficult situations (mental stress) in our lives but from any of these sources: poor nutrition habits including under-eating or over-eating, nutrient deficiencies, poor gut health and inflammation, environmental stressors – chemicals, pesticides, hormones, medications emotional stress, adrenal fatigue from releasing too much stress-hormone (cortisol) too often, lack of QUALITY sleep and recovery, the body not detoxing effectively, injuries and trauma to the muscles and joints.
My holistic coaching approach helps women get to the root cause of their health concerns so they can achieve their goals that focus on 4 main pillars of wellness. Physical fitness, Nutrition, Mindset and lifestyle.

I firmly believe that a lifestyle happens outside of a “perfect” plan and that everyone should embrace their own journey to health and wellness. I’m also a huge advocate of people going through their own self-discovery so that they can increase their self-awareness and find what they truly want and deserve in life.