Zori Galstanian, DOF (France)

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Since my early childhood, I was attracted to the medical field. It was therefore normal for me to move towards medical school after completing high school. Very soon, I realized that allopathic medicine didn’t interest me, so I tried to find a different specialty. I discovered Osteopathy: to me it was obvious, because first of all, it is a holistic medicine, which allows us to have a complete vision of the patient and his troubles, and so to better understand him and to be in a total empathy. Then, it is a manual medicine, non-invasive, respectful of the human body, allowing me to practice daily the art of touch. It is an extraordinary power for a practitioner to treat a patient with his hands. I see Osteopathy as an art, a philosophy, a passion, but in no case as a simple job.

After a 6-year full time study at the Ecole Supérieure d’Ostéopathie (Paris, France), I obtained my diploma (Ostéopathe Français, DOF) in 2007.

I worked from 2008 to 2015 in my private clinic (Paris area), where I had the opportunity to treat more than 2000 patients, from newborns to seniors, also pregnant women, athletes, disabled persons with various diseases. I use a wide variety of techniques (cranial, visceral, structural, myofascial, soft tissue approaches), which are always adapted to each patient and never invasive. Over 10 years of clinical practice allowed me to refine my palpation and to find and treat quickly the primary cause of disease. This holistic vision of the human body which characterizes Osteopathy led me to work collaboratively with many other practitioners.

Zori Galstanian DOF - Durham Natural Health Clinic