New Partnership: Elite Training Systems

By: Kevin Chapman

I was very pleased when I reached out to Dr. Natalie McCulloch and Dr. Nicole Sandilands of Durham Natural Health Centre Clinic (DNHC) that they were so receptive to working alongside me and my team at Elite Training Systems (ETS). The knowledge and experience that they bring to the table in the health and wellness industry is second to none. Those of you who have visited their clinic understand their holistic approach to improving people’s lifestyles and how much they care about helping every person that walks through their doors. This is the reason why I decided the team at DNHC was a good fit to work with ETS.

My name is Kevin Chapman – I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I have been training athletes and clients for 7 years and I cannot picture myself doing anything else. I am the head coach at Elite Training Systems in Whitby, Ontario as well as head strength and conditioning coach for the Oshawa Generals of the Ontario Hockey League and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. My expertise lies in training elite athletes; however, I work with a wide range of people from youth athletes to adults who are looking to stay fit and healthy. I am very passionate about helping everyone attain their health and wellness goals. I approach each person I work with on an individualised basis. I do this because no two people are the same nor should their training program. A professional athlete is very different from an adult who wants to train to feel good and stay healthy. I am very results driven when it comes to designing programs for my clients. I follow a very detailed intake process where I pay close attention to each client’s individual needs.  Just like Natalie and Nicole, I take a very holistic approach to my program which includes proper training, nutrition and recovery strategies.

Highlights of being an ETS Client:

  • Family like atmosphere
  • Assessments and individualised program
  • Knowledgeable coaches
  • Small group or 1 on 1 training
  • Nutritional guidance and support
  • Energetic training environment

We take pride in being leaders in the health and wellness industry. All of our coaches have unique skill sets and experience which makes us a very strong team. We are always seeking ways to grow as professionals to help our program evolve. That is a big reason why we have partnered with DNHC so that we can grow our team and continue to offer our clients the best resources available. I am excited to announce the partnership between ETS and DNHC. Stay tuned for monthly fitness and nutrition tips from me and my team!

Twitter: @TeamETSYou can check us out online at

Instagram: TEAMETS

Or in person at 500 Victoria Street West, Whitby inside Iroquois Park Sports Centre

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