Road to 100 Challenge 2016: Commit, Challenge, Change

By: Kevin Chapman, Coach at Elite Training Systems

Three years ago this January, Elite Training Systems (ETS) piloted the first annual Road to 100 Challenge. When this challenge was created the intent was to push our adult clientele outside of their comfort zone to produce positive and sustainable change within their lives that they never thought possible. The challenge is not a weight loss competition or for people who are looking for ‘quick fixes’; instead, it is an individualized training system that is cultivated in a team environment. Every person who commits to the challenge is drafted onto a team which is led by an ETS coach and competes against four other teams to win the cup!

Three reasons why the program works:

Coaching: ETS prides itself on passionate knowledgeable coaches who work with you to achieve your goals. Strength and conditioning programs are only as good as they are coached. We write programs that fit your individual needs and coach you through it.

Accountability: The foundation of all ETS programs stems from athlete accountability. All of our coaches will go above and beyond to ensure you have all the resources and tools necessary to reach your goals; however, without compliance goals become harder to attain. We use several different methods to ensure all of our clients succeed.

Attention to detail: At ETS we do not ‘workout’ we train! We understand that it takes more than just a bunch of exercises to see real results. All of our clients go through a thorough assessment process prior to beginning a training program, all of our programs are individualized and programmed with the specific needs of the client in mind and finally we address nutrition and lifestyle right from the first time you walk in the door.

The training environment at ETS is second to none. We have built a culture of comradery and teamwork that resonates throughout all of our programs. The training floor is welcoming, fun and most importantly productive. Our coaches and clients are what makes ETS a special place to train, we get work done!

What does the challenge consist of you ask?

  • 100 Day commitment (January 11- April 19)
  • Minimum 3 days a week of training to a maximum of 5 (Yes rest days are good for you!)
  • Clean eating and weekly food journal to be submitted to your coach every Sunday
  • No Alcohol (this always raises some eyebrows but its part of the challenge) every occasion you choose to drink its -10 points to the team. If you decide to have a drink, take the -10 and move on!
  • Be a good teammate, support the goals of the team and your own goals become easier to attain.

In years past the people who have stuck to the program as outlined have achieved incredible results. If you are serious about committing to a health and wellness program that is sustainable and works, than look no further. This challenge is for anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life without looking for shortcuts. The Road to 100 challenge is heading into year three and has evolved into a staple in the ETS adult training program that our members look forward to every year. Make 2016 your year to commit, challenge and change!

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