Sport and Flexibility

The major benefits of massage are increased circulation, decreased pain and increased range of motion/ flexibility. While many clients only come for a massage once pain has already crept in, many forget the importance of flexibility especially when it comes to sports. Flexible muscles and a healthy range of motion at each of your joints can make the difference for athletes wanting to stay at the top of their game.

Let’s take hockey for example: flexibility is key especially when you’re doing fast, sudden movements making a pass or taking a shot at the net. Having little range of motion at your hips and knees slows down your skating speed. Shoulders, elbows and wrists are easy to injure if the joints and the tendons and ligaments surrounding them are short and inflexible.

While many of you may be thinking, “I don’t play hockey,” the same goes for any sport or leisure activity!  Not being able to properly bend your knees hampers gardening and turns a relaxing pastime into a literal pain. Golf swings are limited when range of motion in the spine or shoulders is limited. Connecting a speedy hardball with a baseball bat is hardly a good idea when you know your shoulder is tight and “fussy”. Etc, etc.

Whether it’s to maintain a high level of physical performance, or to make sure that the beer league doesn’t completely kill you this weekend, using massage as a preventative measure can ensure that you’re enjoying the game and finishing it.  So help us, help you! Come in for regular treatments, or a quick massage before the start of a season to make sure everything is in tip top shape so you can enjoy the game, not sit on the bench!

** And please, please please, STRETCH!!  If you’re not sure how, or which stretches to use, ask your friendly neighbourhood massage therapist – we’ll be more than happy to demonstrate and give you parameters!

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