Spring Clean your body

Spring is detox season- the perfect time to cleanse and detoxify the body!
But why detox? 
Detoxifying periodically is important because we need to flush unwanted toxins out of our bodies. The liver is our main detoxification organ and is responsible for getting rid of any toxins that may potentially harm us. Our livers are designed to get rid of these toxins, but in today’s world, they are overworked! The processed food we eat, the chemicals we are exposed to, and the coffee and alcohol we consume are all things our liver has to filter out so that we don’t get sick. Prescription drugs, personal care products that are full of hormone-disrupting chemicals, pollution in and outside of the home, smoking (first or second-hand), and the pesticides found in our foods are all things we are exposed to that make detoxification so important. Lack of activity and exercise are reasons to detox too because circulation is a necessary part of the detoxification process! After a detox, you should feel energized, notice improvements in your skin and sleep quality, and experience mental and emotional clarity.  
5 Ways to Detox your Body:
1)    Flush your system with water everyday! – Start every morning off with a big glass of water and keep drinking throughout the day. Whether it is with water or herbal teas, staying constantly hydrated will help your body eliminate toxins, keep your skin glowing, and help with digestion. Try adding a squeeze of lemon or apple cider vinegar to your morning glass of water to help stimulate your liver and digestion.
2)    Increase your activity! – Adding exercise to your daily routine helps with the detoxification process because you are sweating out toxins through your skin, circulation is increased, and digestion is improved. Sweating, increased blood circulation, and proper digestion are all ways to cleanse the body and get rid of potentially harmful toxins that have built up.


3)    Shop organic! – Eat foods that are organic and free of any harmful chemicals. Conventionally grown foods are full of pesticides and herbicides that have to be cleaned out by the liver. So eat organic and let your liver rest!
4)    Eat the right foods! – There are many foods that aid in detoxification. Some of these detox superfoods are turmeric, garlic, lemon, beets, sweet potato, and broccoli. These foods help with inflammation, digestion, and stimulate the liver, so add some of these cleansing foods into your diet during detox.  
5)    Brush your skin! – Dry skin brushing is a very effective way to detoxify the body. By brushing your skin with a dry skin brush, you are improving your circulation and helping your body clear toxins from the lymphatic system. It helps remove toxins from the body by enhancing the flow of lymph through the skin. The lymphatic system is another way that the body eliminates toxins. 

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