Spring Clean Your Emotions

By: Erica Allingham, Biofeedback Practitioner

Emotional detoxification is a process of healing and cleansing the mind and body. It is a chance to de-clutter one’s mind, and release any negative emotions or feelings. Most of us tend to carry a great amount of negativity within us without even realizing. Life events such as broken relationships, traumatic events, illness, work and several other emotional experiences can take their toll on our overall well-being. It is very common for individuals to suppress their emotions and choose positive thinking as a way of coping, instead of dealing with the negative emotions or feelings as they occur.  As research illustrates, negative emotions or feelings are associated with numerous health concerns and these unresolved issues can hinder our lives.  When emotions remain unreleased or unhealed, they can increase the risk of acidity, ulcers, blood pressure, migraines, heart problems and so much more. Negative emotions are also greatly associated with anxiety and depression.

It is important to become aware of the toxic emotions that we are experiencing and release them to better are overall health and well-being. A few methods that can be used to detoxify emotions include LEARN MORE:


1)      Yoga

2)      Deep Breathing

3)      Use of Affirmations such as “I have the strength to release toxic emotions in a positive manner. I choose to think only positively, enabling me to move forward on life’s journey”

4)      Writing letters to release anger and frustration – No need to hide anything when writing the letter, as it will not actually be sent

5)      Meditation

6)      Biofeedback – A form of energy healing. Your energy holds all past information about you and is constantly magnetizing people and situations with similar energy. Therefore, we need to change our energy in order to change our negative emotions. Biofeedback uses energetic frequencies to help retrain and re-educate the emotions that we are experiencing to help bring them to the surface and deal with them directly in order to improve our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Please visit our Biofeedback page, to learn further information

An emotional detox gives the mind, body, and soul what it requires, and can result in a changed awareness, consciousness, and human behaviour.


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