Spring Detoxes and Teas

By: Dr. Christine Cho ND

Spring is associated with fresh starts, spring cleaning, and in our clinic it’s detox season!  In addition to diet and lifestyle changes, nutrients and herbs are often used to help stimulate the detox process.  The liver is the primary detox organ as it is the central processor of the toxins your body is exposed to.   This is why many of the herbs used in professionally formulated detox programs help promote the function of the liver.


Did you know that next to water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world?  Although in Canada it sometimes takes a backseat to Tim Horton’s coffee, tea is the top ranking beverage (other than water) in most other countries.  Sometimes we forget that teas are actually dried herbs with medicinal properties that vary greatly depending on which herbs and which parts of the plant are used (root, leaves, or berries).   As naturopathic doctors (NDs), we frequently recommend teas/dried herbs as part of our patients’ treatment plans, with the herbs prescribed varying according to condition.  Teas are also being used as part of detox programs and have actually hit the mainstream market, with the term “teatox” emerging in the last couple of years.


Unfortunately, there have been a lot of teatoxes that have really become a part of the many health fads related to fast weight loss.  Hopefully by now most of you know that these are rarely sustainable results and usually require what I call “The No Food Diet.”   This is where the companies encourage customers to try their product, eat extremely limited amounts of quality foods, and then see the weight melt off. Other cleanses/teatoxes/detox programs use herbs that act by increasing bowel movements and urination to help rid the body of toxins.  While regular bowel movements and urination are extremely important for elimination of toxins, if the liver is not working properly, then there will be nothing in the bowels or kidneys to eliminate.


Those 2 disappointing trends (quick weight loss programs and laxative use) are what inspired me and 2 of my other ND colleagues to create a blend of teas that would actually do what teatoxes are supposed to do:  support the liver.  We used our naturopathic medical education to carefully select the herbs and the correct forms that would enhance all components detoxification, including sleep, without producing the laxative results of similar products.   We also created a couple of health maintenance teas that provide a great caffeine source for the day, and relaxing herbs for the night.  The recent month long Detox Program at DNHC incorporated the teas with great results!  Improved sleep quality, increased energy, and weight loss were some of the positive changes noted.

To learn more about The Teatox Company and to sample the teas, drop by the DNHC open house on Monday June 16th from 4:30-7pm.


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